Top Low Vision Bloggers to Follow

Top Low Vision Bloggers to Follow Image

While we at Set Your Sights would love to consider ourselves your one-stop guide to everything low vision, we know that there’s a plethora of specialized information out there on the web just waiting to be explored. That’s why this week, we’re giving you a look at some of our favorite bloggers, each of whom has a special knowledge of what it means to live with low vision.

The Style Guru

If you’re active online, you know that there are hundreds of fashion bloggers looking to make their mark on the web. UK blogger Emily Davison, or “Fashioneyesta” is unique in that she knows exactly what it’s like to live with low vision – with only 10 percent vision in one eye and no sight in the other, she brings a unique perspective to overcoming low vision in style.

The Chef

Reality TV junkies might be familiar with our next favorite: The Blind Cook (real name Christine Ha), was the first ever blind contestant and winner of the competitor amateur cooking show MasterChef USA. Since her win, she’s published a New York Times bestselling cookbook and been featured on NPR and the BBC. Check out her blog and YouTube channel for cooking tips and much more!

The Sophisticate

For the academic, Hannah Thompson’s Blind Spot provides a unique look at literature, art, history, film and more. In her own words, she likes to explore how those with and without low vision relate to each other. Check her out on Twitter and learn more about her experiences with low vision in The Guardian and BBC Radio 4!

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